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The Sharper Edge:

Skills for Breaking Growth Barriers

There is a lot of material on how to break growth barriers from an organizational perspective but little from personal development outlook. This series of webinars is design to look at the essential skills needed for a pastor to lead their church to the next-level of missional impact.

Presented by CoachNet Global, Gary Rohrmayer is leading a free webinar series for pastors, church planters and leaders desire to take their ministries to the next level.

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Topics in the series include:

1.       Sharpening the Axe: Personal Development

2.       Capturing a Harvest-Size Vision - Listening to God

3.       Casting the Vision Effectively - Vision Casting

4.       Cultivating Vision Ownership - Strategic Planning

5.       Preparing Leaders to do the Vision – Equipping

6.       Letting Leaders do the Vision - Delegation

7.       Supporting Leaders in Achieving the Vision – Coaching

8.       Building a Team around the Vision – Team Building

9.       Raising Resources to Fund the Vision - Fund Raising

10.    Hiring Staff to Further the Vision - Recruiting & Interviewing

11.    Managing Staff to Expand the Vision - Motivation & Supervision

12.    Reinforcing the Vision through Inspiring Worship Services - Preaching & Worship Planning

13.    Measuring the Effectiveness of the Vision - Accountability

14.    Broadcasting the Vision to your Community – Sowing Seeds of Awareness