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What does a coaching relationship look like?


In a coach you get...  


Someone who listens attentively.

Someone who cares deeply.

Someone who enhances your leadership skills.

Someone who asks the hard questions.

Someone who thinks strategically.

Someone who builds you up.

Someone who holds confidences.

Someone who celebrates wins.

Someone who challenges specifically.

Someone who guides you to cutting edge resources.


In some cases there are leaders who need 'hands on' coaching style in dealing with a specific issue, goal or task. I strongly recommend that a leader or leadership team enter into a custom coaching relationship. This relationship can be custumized to your needs, such as a monthly face to face meeting  or monthly telephone coaching appoints and hotline access to the coach for specific needs.


A coaching relationship involves:


¨     Connecting relationally with the leader or leadership team. 


Establishing trust and creditability is essential to the coaching relationship.  Coaching is coming alongside one as an ally and a partner to help overcome the obstacles facing them.


¨     Clarifying the leaders progress toward their goals.


Reviewing progress, addressing obstacles, engaging in problem solving and finding tools and resources that apply towards your goals.


¨     Committing to a specific action plan.


Each coaching session ends with concise action plans that help the leader or leadership team to improve where desired. Creating the action plan is a joint effort between coach and leaders with specific due dates for completion so there is accountability in the relationship.


Questions about personal coaching contact [email protected]