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Executive Coaching for Denominational Leaders

After spending the last 18 years serving as a regional leader, a multi-state district leader as well as a national leader Gary offers a unique perspective to the coaching process as one who has walked and is walking in the shoes of those denominational leaders.

Church Planter Coaching

For every mistake made in the first six months of a church plant it could take up to six years to correct them if the church survives that long. Every church planter is going to make mistakes in launching their new church.  What a coach does is help them minimize those mistakes through providing expertise, objective insights, and timely encouragement. Your Journey Coaching takes church planters through a twenty-five question process that Gary designed which helps church planters contextualize principles into their unique situation.

"It was recommended to me to find a personal evangelism coach to help me sharpen my skills in this area. Over the last 5 months Gary has helped me discover ways to share my faith each week. During this time I have had more opportunities for spiritual conversations and to see people come to Christ than ever before."  

~Kirt Wiggins  Lead Pastor Pathway Church in Elmhurst, IL   

Evangelism Coaching

Pastors themselves admit that they have struggled for years in personal evangelism. Your Journey Coaching has developed a coaching strategy to help pastors become more competent in sharing their faith by assisting them to see the opportunities all around them and by teaching Gary's liberating approach of conducting a 'spiritual diagnosis'.  If you want to raise the evangelistic temperature in your church you must first raise the temperature in your own heart.  There is nothing like engaging weekly in a spiritual dialog with a skeptic or a sincere seeker to fire up a pastor's heart and in turn fire up an entire church.  

Restart Pastor Coaching

Restarting a church takes a lot of courage, faith and wisdom. Navigating the tension between the old and new can be a challenging and lonely time for a pastor.  A coach comes alongside to be a supportive ally, to provide strategic thinking and to bring timely wisdom while the pastor implements the restart plan.  Your Journey Coaching can provide a on-site assessment of the church and its environment and a twenty-nine question process that Gary designed to help churches reignite their vision reaching their community.

Pastoral Coaching

 One church growth leader reflectively said, "That we are now moving out of the information age and into an age of implementation."  We are so overwhelmed with information that we are finding it very difficult how to implement all the ideas that fly pass us every day.  This has revealed itself in research that says "90% of pastors felt they were inadequately trained to cope with the ministry demands."   On the job coaching is one way to meet this need.  Your Journey Coaching can come alongside and provide an outside voice to help a pastor implement a certain strategy, work through a specific issue, or help in breaking a certain growth barrier.

Natural Church Development Coaching

Natural Church Development is a well researched process with the biblical assumption that the Church is a living organism that is supposed to grow naturally. It embraces both qualitative and quantitative growth. Through the NCD Survey the church discovers its strengths and weakness.  Your Journey Coaching, who has been certified by Natural Church Development, provides a six stage implementation process that helps the church strengthen its weaknesses and release God's power throughout the church.

Because Gary Rohrmayer takes only a few clients a year their is a small window of opportunity to secure he as a coach any questions about persona executive level coaching email Your Journey Coaching