What People Are Saying

What are planters saying about the FirstSteps for Church Planters Seminar

"It's the BEST church planting orientation there is. Period!" - Bill McCaskill, New Life Community Church, Plymonth, WI

"Gary’s First Steps seminar was the most relevant and beneficial training that I had as I prepared to plant Ripon Community Church. We have had tremendous ‘success’ in our first two years here in Ripon, Wisconsin. Our average attendance is 300. We have over 150 adults serving in ministries, we have 150 adults engaged in small groups, and we have already baptized 89 believers. Obviously, God has been working! Gary’s training has helped me recognize not only how God works, but also how to run along with Him. Thank you, Gary." - Mike Holba, Ripon Community Church, Ripon, WI

"Do it! We are in an earlier stage of planting than most of the others who attended the conference, which we think benefits us. We would encourage people to attend early on in the process. It helps you plan for the road ahead." - Dave & Staci Lundeen, Church Planters, Florida

"I think the First Steps seminar is a must for church planters who are just getting started. Gary's teaching is very practical and he gets to the point, very helpful. We came away with vision and encouragement about what we need to do next. Gary has a real heart for church planters."  - Dave Mobile, LakePointe Church, Pleasant Praire, WI

"Don't wait. Get this information as early in the church planting process as possible. Don't try to re-invent the church planting wheel. Don't try to do it all by yourself. Take advantage of what has already been tried, tested and proven. My friend Mark Jarrell felt he did not have the time after the assessment center to wait for First Steps - what a mistake. This training was just exactly what he needed at this stage in his planting experience. Because he was too busy now, he will undoubtedly make the same mistakes you and J D and some of the other church planters made out of ignorance. The police adage, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" can and should be applied to church planting. Making stupid mistakes out of ignorance is no excuse when this type of quality, First Steps training is available." - David Richardson, Church Planter, Ohio

"Come as early as you can. I feel I lost a lot of the benefit by being so far down the road." - Dave Rushton, Church Planter, Elgin, IL