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NextSteps for Leading a Missional Church Webinars

NextSteps is designed for any church leader who embraces the missional lifestyle, and aligns the ideas and tools around building healthy church systems that allows the church to actualize its values and achieve its mission.  The NextSteps Series interprets the research from the Natural Church Development Paradigm by Christian Schwarz in a missional context.

Event Overview: There is a lot of buzz about the word "missional" these days. Some of it's good and some not so good! Gary Rohrmayer in partnership with CoachNet presents the NextSteps free webinar series for pastors, church planters and leaders. In hopes of bring some theological and practical clarity to the issue of missional leadership and missional living.

Part 1-- "Characteristics & Skills of a Missional Leader"      Slides

Part 2--"Missional Alignment around Vision, Values & SystemsSlides

Part 3--"Healthy Church SystemsSlides

Part 4--"Need Oriented EvangelismSlides

Part 5--"Empowering Leadership" Slides

Part 6--"Inspiring Worship"  Slides

Part 7--"Passionate SpiritualitySlides

Part 8--"Holistic Small Groups"  Slides

Part 9--"Gift-Oriented Ministry"  Slides

Part 10--"Loving Relationships"  Slides