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21DangerousPrayers 21 Dangerous Prayers

Dangerous Prayers!
Can prayer be dangerous? Is prayer supposed to be dangerous? Dangerous prayers are risky and life stretching. Dangerous prayers come out of a spirit of brokenness. Dangerous prayers are filled with boldness and daring faith.

In this 21 Day Devotional Guide we are going to explore the dangerous prayers that have been prayed by God’s people for thousands of years. We trust God will meet you in a dangerous and life-transforming manner. We pray that you will not be the same and that your family, neighborhood, work place, and church will be impacted because you personally have met with God.

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21 Days of Prayer & Fasting 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

What breakthrough are you seeking?
God’s people all over the world have been seeking spiritual breakthroughs through prayer and fasting since the birth of the church. What is the great matter in front of you? A loved one far from Christ? A critical decision in the life of your family? A relationship that is falling apart? What great matters are in front of your church or ministry? An evangelistic outreach? A financial crisis? A leadership transition? Missional expansion?

In the 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting Guide, Gary Rohrmayer introduces you to the rich spiritual discipline of fasting through the holy scriptures and the great Christian thinkers throughout the ages.

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